All Heart Athletics announces connection to Under Armour Future Circuit and AC Georgia

FAIRBURN, Ga - All Heart Athletics has partnered with AC Georgia to provide the Under Armour Future Circuit for our middle school and younger teams.

The Athletic Club of Georgia is the premier Under Armour UA RISE Circuit grassroots basketball organization in Georgia. UA Rise is an Under Armour basketball circuit for elite 9th-11th grade (15U-17U) teams who compete under the same roof as the Under Armour Association (UAA) circuit during the NCAA live recruitment periods every year.

The Athletic Club of Georgia is providing the opportunity for All Heart Athletics to offer the UA Future CIrcuit for 4th-8th grade athletes. This partnership will allow for our athletes to compete at a very high level in top-notch facilities.


UA Future sets the new standard for grassroots circuits at the middle school level by modeling the format of the UAA and becoming the foundation of our youth basketball platform. UA Future will seek to advance the development of young players, teams, and coaches to set the course of grassroots basketball for the near future.

For more information please contact Jimmy Baxter (404) 593-3872 or Gene Rife (678) 517-6769. You can also email at:

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