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Literally...Building for the Future!

All Heart Athletics is a family oriented youth athletic program. We have a roster of athletes who are governed by a code of conduct that ensures an environment for high achievement. All Heart builds high character, influences higher learning, and develops great scholar/athletes. We stress the importance of academics. We encourage a lifetime of habits that include a healthy lifestyle, as well as influence the love of basketball.

Due to tremendous growth of our organizational programming and team activities, All Heart Athletics is looking to develop a first class youth sports and education facility on the south side of Metro Atlanta.



How we got here



All Heart Athletics, LLC (AHA), established in 2017, to provide high-quality basketball training and competition. Many of our athletes are interested in pursuing athletics at the collegiate level and beyond. These goals of our young athletes have made the ownership group decide to assist and grow the entire individual, not just the athlete. Now, AHA is looking to incorporate an education component into the organization that would be housed in a “home” facility for the program. All Heart Athletics is using the love of sport as an attraction to provide access to additional educational resources and create an environment of excellence.

In 2017, AHA started a travel basketball and skills training company. The initial goal was to create a youth sports program focusing on basketball that successfully develop skillful basketball players, while working on character development.

In the first year, renting a church gym, AHA operated 5 teams with over 70 athletes participating. The next year, it grew into 7 boys teams and 2 girls teams and over 150 athletes participating. These athletes participated in basketball clinics, camps, training sessions and competitive team events. At the end of the 2019 participation year, AHA interacted with over 350 athletes from elementary school to high school.

2020 looked to be another great year for AHA before the pandemic slowed everything down. AHA took this time to reassess operations and determined that our growth potential was being affected by the ability to secure facilities. This was proving to be very difficult due to gym availability and rental costs. It was determined for our company to maintain our growth projections, AHA needed to obtain and operate its own facility.

To ensure success of the facility, partnerships have been established to provide revenue opportunities outside of the original business vision.

These partnerships have established a revised vision, that includes many additional resources for the athletes to provide support on and off the court. For athletes to successfully matriculate on post-secondary institutions of learning, they will need to excel in the classroom along with the court.

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The plan is to develop a 45,000+ sq.ft. building that would house up to 6 high school basketball floors, weight room, running track, training center and up to 10,000 sq.ft. of office space.

Activities that will be provided in facility:

  • Basketball/Volleyball Tournaments

  • Youth Sports Training (Conditioning/Weight Training)

  • Team Sports Participation

  • Personal Training 

  • Clinics (Coaches, Players, Referees)

  • Learning Center (Tutoring/College Prep/Trade Classes)

  • All Heart Prep Academy

  • Retail/Restaurants

  • Corporate Offices/Executive Suites

  • Meetings and Events

While many activities will be centered around the operations of our company, the facility will work with the local municipality to make it available to local residents. 


DEVELOPER : Roman United



Projected Budget for Completeion of Facility

Total Project Cost = $20M

Capital Needed:

  • Investors: $5M

  • Projected Public Funds = $5M

  • All Heart Construction Investment = $10M

Return on Investment:

  • Projected Appraised Value of Facility at Completion = $22-25M

Where proceeds will be used:

  • Purchase of Property

  • Design Building

  • Permits

  • Construction Costs

  • Holding Costs

  • Acquisition Costs



Building on the southside of Metro Atlanta, we anticipate attracting not only teams for North Georgia but also many organization from around the Southeast.

Metro Atlanta is the ninth largest and one of the fastest growing metropolitan area in the United States. Atlanta has over 6 million residents who reside in 29 metro counties.

Metro Atlanta has 37 public school systems. With over 1400 public and private schools. 

Minutes away from the World's busiest airport (Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport)

3 Major Highways (I-75, I-85, I-20) that feed the Metro Atlanta area. 

Many major attractions just minutes away. 




Director of Athletics

Former Collegiate and Professional Basketball Player

Travel Basketball

Skills Training


College Recruiting



All Heart Prep Academy

Former Collegiate and Professional Basketball Player

Head Coach of AHPA

Skills Training

College Recruiting


Director of Operations

Former Collegiate Basketball Player

Business Operations

Facilities Management





If you are an investor and interested in exploring the All Heart Athletics Investment Opportunity, please fill out form below and a member of our team will contact you. 

We thank you in advance for your consideration.

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