COVID-19 Protocols

REMEMBER: Each family must make the decision that is best for them. If you do not feel comfortable, please remain at home.


All Heart Athletics Covid-19 Protocols

1. Group Size

     a. we will reduce all activities to groups of no more than 50.

     b. Will work to keep group sizes to the smallest possible.


2. Cleaning and Sanitizing

     a. Staff will sanitize and disinfect:

          i. Surfaces touched frequently,

          ii. Shared objects

          iii. Handrails, door handles, etc.

          iv. All surfaces in restroom.

          v. Basketballs will be sprayed and wiped down.

          vi. Hand sanitizer will be stationed at every entrance (while supplies last)

          vii. Any other surface deemed necessary.


3. Access to Building

     a. Any one entering the building (unless participating in athletic activity), must wear a mask.

     b. At least one set of doors with access to outside shall remain open during the entire session.

          i. This helps promote air circulation and less common touching of door handles, etc.


4. Process to enter building

     a. Every person will queue at the entrance to get their temperature checked.

     b. Based on CDC recommendations, ANY person entering building with a temperature of 100.4 or above, will not be allowed into                building.

          i. Person will not be allowed to participate in AHA activities for no less than 7 days.

          ii. After 7 days, AHA staff, athlete and parents will discuss health of affected person for clearance of continued activities.

     c. Each person inside the building must abide by social distancing standards.


5. During training

     a. Athletes will be broken up in groups to keep training to as small of groups as possible.


     c. Each athlete must bring their own bottle and fluid.

6. Exiting Building

     a. Each athlete must thoroughly wash hands.

     b. Athlete must gather belongings and immediate leave the building through designated exit.

     c. We will mark which exit is the designated exit, you may not leave the way you came in.

Note: All Heart Athletics staff has been trained to observe Covid-19 symptoms:

· Coughing,

· Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing,

· Chills,

· Repeated shaking with chills,

· Muscle Pain,

· Headache,

· Sore Throat,

· Loss of taste or smell


If any symptoms are noticed, we will remove athlete from building and athlete will not be allowed to participate for at least 7 days. After 7 days, a meeting with AHA staff, athlete and parents to determine health condition and continued participation.


We appreciate your patience during this pandemic and with everyone's assistance and adherence to the above protocols, we will continue to work hard at providing a safe environment.

All Heart Athletics